DigIn is a collaboration of 22 institutions digitizing invertebrate specimens from 19 collections. It takes a network of dedicated faculty, staff, and volunteers to make this happen.

Digitizing Institutions

Regina Wetzer (lead PI) — Curator and Director, Marine Biodiversity Center

Trina Roberts (co-PI) — Associate Vice President for Collections

Elizabeth Ellwood (co-PI) — Research Fellow

Austin Hendy — Curator of Invertebrate Paleontology

Kathy Omura — Collections Manager

Adam Wall — Collections Manager

Leslie Harris — Collections Manager

Caroline Haymaker — Collections Manager

Jenessa Wall — Collections Technical Support

Dean Pentcheff — Collections Technical Support

Vijay Barve — Digitization Project Manager

Victoria Westover — Digitizing Specialist

Kamal Hamdan — Director of the Center for Innovation in STEM Education

Charlene McCord — Assistant Professor

Kathryn Theiss — Assistant Professor​

Paul Callomon (PI) — Invertebrate Collections Manager

Gary Rosenberg  — Invertebrate Curator

Estefanía Rodríguez (PI) — Curator of Marine Invertebrates

Christine Johnson (co-PI) — Curatorial Associate

Lily Berniker — Museum Specialist at AMNH

Nusrat Noor — Collection Manager, Marine and Aquatic Invertebrates and Project Lead

Jon Armbruster — Director and Curator of Fishes

Holly Bolick (PI) — Invertebrates

Ken Hayes (co-PI) — Invertebrates

Christina Piotrowski (PI) — Institute for Biodiversity Science & Sustainability, Invertebrate Zoology

Elizabeth Kools — Collections Staff​

Johanna Loacker — Collections Staff

Jennifer Dreyer (PI) — Invertebrates

Rüdiger Bieler — Curator

Kalina Griffin-Jakymec — Collections Manager

Petra Sierwald — Curator

Paul Larson (PI) — Florida Fish and Wildlife Conservation Commission

Corinne Fuchs — Collections Staff

Gonzalo Giribet (PI) — Museum of Comparative Zoology

Adam Baldinger (co-PI) — Museum of Comparative Zoology

Megan McCuller (PI) — Collections Manager, Non-Molluscan Invertebrates

Daniel Geiger (PI) — Invertebrates

Vanessa Delnavaz — Collections Manager

Greg Rouse (PI) — Benthic Invertebrates Collection

Mark Ohman (PI) — Pelagic Invertebrates Collection

Linsey Sala — Collections Managers

Charlotte Seid — Collections Managers

Kevin Kocot (PI) — University of Alabama Tuscaloosa, Museum of Natural History

Brooke Bogan — Collections Staff

Jingchun Li (PI) — Department of Ecology and Evolutionary Biology

Kelly Rose Martin — Collections Staff

Gustav Paulay (PI) — University of Florida, Museum of Natural History

Amanda Bemis — Collections Staff

John Slapcinsky — Collections Staff

Nikki Traylor-Knowles (PI) — Assistant Professor, Department of Marine Biology and Ecology, Marine Invertebrate Museum

Maria Criales — Collections Staff


Edward Gilbert (Co-PI) — Symbiota Support Hub

Nico Franz (Co-PI) — ​Director, Biodiversity Knowledge Integration Center; Symbiota Support Hub

Katie Pearson — Project and Data Manager, Symbiota Support Hub, iDigBio

Lindsay Walker —  Community Manager, Symbiota Support Hub, iDigBio

Nicolas Bailly — Taxonomy Coordinator

Nelson Rios — Head of Biodiversity Informatics

William Moser — Collection Manager, Department of Invertebrate Zoology

Katie Ahlfeld — Deputy Collection Manager, Department of Invertebrate Zoology

Karen Reed — Museum Specialist/Data Manager, Department of Invertebrate Zoology

Collaborating Participants

Henry Choong — Curator of Invertebrate Zoology

Hugh Macintosh —  Research Associate

Steve Keable — Collection Manager of Marine Invertebrates

Mary Wicksten — Professor of Biology & Curator of Marine Invertebrates